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    How responsible am I for what I live for, what is happening around me, for the life that I have lived and everything that affects and makes it change? I am responsible, it was my decision and my life is what I make of it, that is my decision. Despite everything that I missed or I lack, could not be who I am if I had more than what I had or have, or less. So, all I missed and I lack nothing, because I am who I am. Things I want, everything that I seek and find that achievement, all this makes me change all that changed who I am. When I write this, when I talk with you, when you hear, when you see it change. And I like it. My perceptions are changing every day and every night. Yesterday I did laugh and I learned something from you, you do remember me tomorrow and change. And all those changes add up who I am today.

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08.19.2010 (hace 3073 días)
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