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Angie Vazquez Los Vazquez Sounds ENTREVISTA EXCLUSIVA!
Suscríbete!!! @VivianFabiolaVAngie Vazquez la joven cantante Mexicana de Los Vazquez Sounds que se hizo famosa con su version de Rolling In The Deep de Adele es ahora la cantante del tema de la nueva pelicula de Disney "Secret of the Wings" o en Espanol "Tinker bell y el Secreto de las Hadas." Entrevistada por: @miriamisa y @vivianfabiolavAngie Vazquez, the young YouTube sensation from Mexico who is part of the trio Vazquez Sounds (known for her rendition of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" with over 88 million YT views), will be in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 23 to talk about her recording of "La Division" (The Great Divide) - the main song for Disney's Secret of the Wings which will be release on Blu-ray and DVD on that same day. The song will be part of the wide theatrical release in Latin America.Interviewed by: @miriamisa & @vivianfabiolav"angie vazquez", "la division", "angie vazquez cantando", "angie vazquez entrevista", "angie vazquez vazquez sounds", "los vazquez sounds", "cantante mexicana angie vazquez", "gustavo vazquez", "abelardo vazquez", "peliculas de disney", "the great divide", "disney angie vazquez", "tinker bell", "peter pan", "secret of the wings", "angie vazquez secret of the wings", "tinker bell y el secreto de las hadas", "miriam isa", "vivian fabiola valadez"
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